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Monday, February 28, 2011

Khu Ha - The Land of Struggle

The people of Khu-ha are struggling to save their environment from last 2 years. Their major problem is brought by a mining company, which is involved in mining lime stone in village of Khu-ha there is a small mountain of lime stone, has been called “Khu-ha mountain” or “Khao Khu-ha”, earlier it was very beautiful mountain and source of life of the natives of Khu-ha. Khu-ha mountain is located at Ku-ha-tai sub-district in Ratta-phum district of Songkhla province.

As we all know the characteristics of lime stone mountains, generally they have caves inside, lush greenery outside, water streams and big number of bats. All these things were there in the “Khu ha”. The people were getting organic fertilizer from the shits of bats, water for the field from the permanent water stream, it was also like a food bank because they were fishing from water stream under that mountain, fresh air and good rain most of the months.

When there were no mining work was going on, the people and the surroundings were very rich. People were getting 3 crops of paddy and they were owning lush green fruit gardens and rubber fields but now the picture has been changed. They can get hardly one crop of paddy and only rubber garden is surviving other fruit gardens are drying slowly.

Now when they are seeing that their habitat is in crisis they started struggling to save their things, they would like to re-establish their habitat. They are against the mining and whatever they have lost because of mining, they would like to make responsible for their losses. Due to the blasting their houses are broken, their pets were died. It is not easy to get justice and re-built their environment, but they are trying their best.

From last 2 years, the people in Khu-ha have done a lot of complaints to all authorities who have duties to manage and sort the problems out. Anyhow, no any answers have been came in favor of them and their sufferings.

The Community Resource Centre (CRC) came forward to join their struggle and to help them in legal process and further actions in the series of joining hand since November 2010.

By legal aid, CRC accepted to provide lawyer to bring case to court for compensation of liability of damages house and livelihood. CRC have been success 2 cases to be sent to the court.

On 28 December 2010, CRC lawyer and 6 villagers have filed case to Songkhla khwaeng court for asking the mining company to pay compensation on liability of damages house and livelihood for 6 villagers who have been suffered from mining. The 6 villagers asked about 150,000 to 300,000 baht each for compensation. The court has accepted to be trial by Black case no.588/2553.

On 30 December 2010, CRC lawyer and other 2 villagers have filed case to Songkhla provincial court for asking the mining company to pay compensation on liability of damages house and livelihood for 2 villagers who have been suffered from mining. The 2 villagers asked about 1,700,000 and 2,700,000 baht each for compensation. The court has accepted to be trial by Black case no.1280/2553.

The CRC also organized one day folk school of them on 5 February 2011. In this folk school, the CRC got learned more about their history, culture, problems and action plan. When CRC got learn about them then CRC asked to them that what they are expecting from CRC? Then they said they would like to learn about the law of Thailand and international laws regarding environment, social, economic and cultural rights. They would also like to learn the procedure that they have to do for 2 cases that they have filed to court.

This is just start on the justice procedure that they have to be involved. To access to justice it is not only filing case to court. They have to go to trial when they don’t know how long it will be. They have to be prepare themselves, evidence and expenses that they need to do. During suffering the problem in their livelihood, they also have to prepare themselves for the court cases. We have not known there will be other things to effect to them.

The mining companies have been stop mining since mid of 2010 because of expiration of lease. They still want to continue mining at Khu-ha, then, they have applied to get permission again. Since they stopped doing mining, the people have been happy because there were no more dust, vibration, fallen stone and loudness. They have felt happy during this time, which is peaceful. Anyhow, we have no any knowledge how long it will be like this.

The next trial for case at Songkhla provincial court will be held on 25 March 2011 at 9.00 am, when will be opening case before a trial. The other case at Sonkhla khwaeng court will be trial on 21 – 24, 29 – 30 June and 1 July 2011 at 9.00am – 16.30pm. CRC call you to observe the case as a support the people who are victims from mining.

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